J. Rollins Construction
We’ve compared the cost of replacing a stolen vehicle or a piece of equipment with the annual cost of using Automile, and it's a no-brainer. The cost for protecting our assets is totally worth it.
Eli Trevino
Loss Prevention Manager, J. Rollins Construction
Faden Builders, Inc.
Automile helps me keep a pulse on the vehicles and drivers. I have been able to increase cost savings and best of all, after the telematics has been introduced, I have had 100% driver retention rate.
Todd Faden
Owner, Faden Builders, Inc.
Steve Taylor Excavation
The price we pay for Automile is about 50% cheaper than other GPS solutions and we already have an estimated 10%+ cost savings through accurate labor hour tracking and avoiding payroll discrepancies.
Steve Taylor
Co-Owner/CFO, Steve Taylor Excavation
Nagle Athletic Surfaces
By eliminating manual mileage tracking, we have saved a ton of time and increased productivity. I get peace of mind knowing that my drivers and vehicles are safe.
Phil Schiavone
Founding Owner, Nagle Athletic Surfaces
HTH Companies, Inc.
It's not always about making money, it's about saving the money you make. I believe that with the right operations and the right hire in place to manage the health of your fleet, a vehicle can save you just as much money as you spent buying it.
Charles Lamb
Fleet Supervisor, HTH Companies, Inc.
Jamar Power Systems
We’ve had a 66% cost savings merely by switching to Automile. But the true savings in terms of money, time and resources are way more.
Desmon Edwards
Vice President, Jamar Power Systems
Elevation Solar
I love going to live view and see which vehicles are parked and which ones are moving. We are able to see when the installer gets to the property and are able to keep a check on the labor hours that are entered into the TSheets. We have seen some payroll savings because of this.
Rob Jones
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Elevation Solar
Auto Damage Appraisers
The employees were so excited that they told me — 'I will pay whatever if I don't have to keep track of mileage log'. An important aspect of it is that if a vehicle gets stolen, we can track it down easily. That is huge!
Hank Wadkins
Owner, Auto Damage Appraisers
Scientific Calibration Inc.
I get peace of mind from knowing exactly where our vehicles are at any given point. This is the biggest ROI for me, and it’s been worth every penny.
Cody White
Owner, Scientific Calibration Inc.
It felt like a really simple system for our drivers to begin using. We especially liked that there was no installation required.

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