1, 2, 3, Cha-ching! Maximizing Your Business’s Mileage Tax Deductions in 3 Steps

If your day to day business success relies on cars, vans, pickups or panel trucks getting from point A to point B—and even to C, D, and E and back again—the miles quickly add up. So the important question to ask yourself is -- Are those miles translating into potential tax deductions at 54 cents per mile to give you significant savings? What does it take to make sure your tax returns reflect all that time your vehicles spend on the road?

3 Tips to Strengthen Your Fleet Management Strategy

“How do I reduce costs?”,  “How can I keep my drivers and fleets safe?”, “I am spending too much time tracking mileage and it is not accurate”, “I have no visibility into unauthorized use of corporate vehicles”, “I am unable to benchmark driver behaviors and prevent accidents”  and the list goes on. These are among the challenges faced by fleet leaders today, whether they’re looking after 9 vehicles or 90,000. To tackle these challenges and gain a competitive edge—and deliver the bottom-line results—progressive leaders are transforming their approach to fleet management: they’re addressing their strategies from the inside out.  How are they doing it?

Leading trading company offers 80 000 businesses to try Automile

Ahlsell, a leading technical trading company in countries in Northern Europe within installation products, tools and machinery, have started to cooperate with Automile. With a revenue of $2.3bn and over 80 000 businesses Ahlsell has a unique position to reach companies providing HVAC services, construction companies and it's relatives.

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Say Goodbye to Paper Mileage Logs

One of the problems we aimed to solve for our customers is the significant time and money currently spent on maintaining inefficient paper mileage logs. Such logs are prone to human error, and don’t track trips as accurately as our solution.

Connected Cars in the Future

Just 50 years ago, we imagined that by the year 2015, we’d all have flying cars. There are several reasons we never managed to get there, but technology in the automotive industry is accelerating faster than ever.