Automile Celebrates Businesses - Austin Window Fashions

We have started an initiative 'Celebrating Businesses with Workforce-on-Wheels' to capture challenges and best practices from business owners, operations managers, and fleet leaders to share with the broader community. Interested businesses can send us a note at We will then reach out to schedule a 30-minute interview and spotlight their organization with a complimentary article on Automile's blog and recognition on its social media channels.  We had a chance to talk to Lee McKissick who is the production leader at Austin Window Fashions.

5 Important Tips for Field Services Businesses to Grow Your Client Base

The day-in and day-out work of field service professionals is all about ensuring—let’s face it, exceeding—customer satisfaction. You’ve got to get the job done dependably, quickly, affordably (and the list goes on)—and continually meet your clients’ ever-rising expectations if you want to keep their business. And when it comes to signing on new customers, well…you’ve got to woo and wow them, too. Here are some best practices for doing just that:

Riding the Learning Curve of IoT and Fleet Telematics

Remember when… • You relied on paper logs for mileage tracking? • You serviced your vehicles more often than necessary (just to be on the safe side)—or not often enough (‘cause if it ‘ain’t broke, you didn’t fix it)? • You got worried about unauthorized use of your business vehicles and had no way to prove it?

5 Must-Haves to Attract and Retain Your Workforce-on-Wheels

An employee you love—and loves you back—is worth their weight in gold. Wouldn’t you agree that hiring a new driver and bringing them up to speed is, ahem, more expensive than keeping an existing driver happy? (And besides, who wants to manage a revolving door of employees?!) It’s no wonder every business owner has employee attraction and retention on their minds.

Top Challenges for Small Businesses with a Workforce Behind Wheels

Busy enough? To say the least, running a small business keeps you on your toes. But if it also keeps your employees on the road, you can add managing vehicles and drivers to your list of responsibilities. Scheduling, maintenance, vehicle and driver compliance, you name it. Whether your SMB uses cars for food delivery, vans for providing at-home technical or cleaning services, or trucks for commercial or residential construction, your vehicles are probably creating some headaches for you. Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Is Your Fleet of Vehicles Idling? Don’t Leave Money on the Table

When fleet drivers are going from Point A to Point B, there is a lot that happens in between. The driver will need to take breaks, eat, rest, make phone calls, etc. – all things that go with the territory. And while these activities are all understandably part of the nature of the job, they can be a problem if they result in too much idling time for the vehicle. When the engine is running but the vehicle is parked, it translates into wasted fuel, extra money spent and more wear and tear on the vehicle – factors that prevent your fleet from operating smartly and efficiently. And without the tools and technology to manage drivers and minimize idling time, it will be hard to understand the extent of the problem – and how it can be solved.

Top 10 Best Practices for Fleet Leaders

As a fleet leader, you were born to multi-task. One minute you’re busy juggling the needs of your vehicles and drivers, and the next you’re strategizing overall operational needs for the business. What does it take to make the most of your resources—checking off all of the items on your to-do list while staying productive, driving business value and catching the occasional breather? In case you’d like to know what other successful professionals in your position are doing, here are 10 suggestions based on the latest industry trends.