How Are Cloud-Based Solutions Empowering Small Businesses?

Time for payroll? Saddle up to your desktop with your giant check register and start plugging away in that spreadsheet. Need to reference an old document? It’s probably in one of those banker’s boxes under the spare desk. Tracking mileage for taxes? Turn to a fresh page in the notebook in your glove compartment and dip your fountain pen in the bottle of ink. Wait, what? OK, maybe your business practices aren’t that antiquated, but if you’re using homegrown and paper-based methods to run your small business, you’re losing time and definitely money. Today, small business owners can leverage cloud-based, software-as-a service (SaaS) solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to streamline operations and gain incredible efficiencies that impact the bottom-line—in the office and on the road.

5 Must-read Industry Articles on IoT

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is more than just another buzzword – it’s becoming a way of life. As people’s mobile devices are always within reach, if not already in your hands, we increasingly rely on them for all aspects of work, life and play. And while the consumer sector has seemingly received most of the attention –and benefits of IoT – the business world is soon catching up. So in between ordering a pizza by simply texting an emoji, monitoring your dog while at work or answering your door from miles away, the IoT will continue to make inroads for businesses as well. As the IoT continues to expand in its breadth and depth, it’s interesting to see how people and companies are adapting. While the full impact of IoT remains to be seen, there are countless resources reflecting on what has already changed and how IoT will influence the future of business. That being said, following are five must-read articles for anyone interested in the current state of IoT, and what may be in store in the coming years:

5 Ways the Internet of Things Revolutionizes Fleet Management

As our devices continue to be more connected, this interconnectivity has given rise to the Internet of Things, or IoT. What does this mean? Just think how smart home apps enable you to control the thermostat from your mobile device despite being miles away. And as IoT technology continues to expand into new areas like healthcare and retail, fleet management is just the latest industry to be transformed, connecting vehicles and drivers like never before.

The Story of Serial Entrepreneur Jens Nylander: Insanely Passionate, Fearless and People-Centric

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), people and their devices are connected like never before. But while some industries have embraced the idea of connected technology – just think of how many smart home technology solutions are now available – the automotive space has been slow to embrace IoT. Recognizing an opportunity to deliver in an underserved market, serial entrepreneur Jens Nylander established Automile to revolutionize fleet management and bring much needed innovation and connectivity to the space. How does a former medical student from Northern Sweden break into Silicon Valley and disrupt an entire industry? As demonstrated throughout his life, Nylander has never been one to back down from a challenge and thrives on pushing himself, embracing failures as learning experiences and demonstrating an eagerness and ingenuity to change people’s behaviors.