Business Spotlight: hth companies, inc. Shares The Importance Of Strategically Prioritizing Fleet Health

Headquartered in Union, Missouri, hth companies, inc. provides construction services to commercial and industrial customers throughout the Midwest. hth companies, inc. also offers a wide array of services including mechanical insulation, scaffold erection, industrial cleaning and maintenance, welding, pipefitting and confined space rescue. We had the opportunity to talk to Charles (Chuck) Lamb, Fleet Supervisor at hth companies, inc.

Small Business Owner Spotlight: Scientific Calibration Increases Productivity By Embracing Telematics Technology

Scientific Calibration Inc. is a North Carolina based company that is part of the pharmaceutical and research medical equipment industry, with a focus on the repair and calibration of electronic and multi-channel equipment, and lab systems. The company also buy labs that go out of business, and liquidate and repurpose the assets. With about 45 employees, Scientific Calibration Inc. deals with the service and sales of medical research equipment both within the US and outside.

Small Business Owner Spotlight: Steve Taylor Excavation Gains Over 50% Cost Savings by Utilizing The Right Fleet Tracking Technology

Steve Taylor Excavation is a California-based excavation construction company and is based out of Cloverdale. The company has 40 employees, with 88% of them employed as the mobile workforce, and owns over 50 vehicles. The company is jointly owned by Steve and Sage Taylor and has been in business for over 13 years. We had the opportunity to talk with Steve Taylor, Co-Owner/ CFO, Steve Taylor Excavation.

Small Business Owner Spotlight: Jamar Power Systems Achieves 66% Cost Savings by Leveraging Telematics Technology

Jamar Power Systems (JPS) is a California based company that performs solar power installations, general electrical wiring and electrical integration. They are headquartered in San Diego, and have 50-60 employees. With about 20 vehicles, and more being added each month, they are a fast growing company. We had the opportunity to talk to Desmon Edwards, Vice President at Jamar Power Systems.

Small Business Owner Spotlight: Elevation Solar

Elevation Solar is on a mission to provide innovative energy solutions that add value to homes and businesses. They have 75 employees and about 50% of the workforce are mobile. We had the opportunity to talk to Rob Jones, Vice President of Strategic Initiative at Elevation Solar.